Who we are?

We manage the Academy so that we maximize our productivity to meet the excellence.

Established since 2006 the  Brazil Soccer Academy is affiliated with US Club Soccer,  Challenge Sports 3×3, other local leagues in South Florida. We are seeking to optimize the Academy expertise and facilities to provide the best recreational and competitive programs possible at the lowest costs beginning with the youngest 3 years old age group. Our structure and progressive program, focus on long-term development based on forming complete athletes. Whatever your player’s goal, we provide positive, safe and familiar atmosphere, discipline focus on sports, competitiveness, confidence,  and professionalism, trained coach, and staff. We are constantly adapting our program, based on US Soccer, FYSA and US Club Soccer guidelines, for continuously providing our players the best training opportunities.

Serving the greater Coconut Creek  (Coral Springs, Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach, Boca Raton) Boys and Girls all year round.
BSA’s comprehensive soccer training is conduct at the supported    Tradewinds Park Soccer Complex located at  3600, West Sample. The TradeWinds Park’s Athletic Fields are located on the south side of the park includes a four-field softball complex and three-field multipurpose sports. Players from Coconut Creek Area as well as from Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs, Boca Raton,  Del Ray Beach, Boyton Beach, train at Brazil Soccer Academy home field. We also have the Coral Sprigs Middle School to support our program as need, and our Indoor Program running at BocaPrep International School, in Boca Raton.
Our full year operation offer a variety of organized soccer programs, coaches, and staff established, trained and certificate.

Soccer Academy is an introductory program for all ages, all skills levels are welcome,  FUTSAL/INDOOR sOCCER, Goalkeeper Academy, Private Classes, Summer Camp, Clinics, In-House Tournaments,  Affiliated Tournaments by US Club Soccer or other local, regional or National  (GOTSOCCER) tournaments.

The regular training sessions provided, academy’s organization, they are all exceptional and similar to top youth soccer organizations in the USA. Our facilities are amazing and perfect to attend our program contents. The Coaches and Staff are established, trained and certificated, all has background checked.

Focusing on Individual Player Development rather than focusing on winning or games results. Beginning with the youngest age groups 3 years old, only in Brazil Soccer Academy, you can find it. Training sessions focus on the stretching as a critical part of any athletics routine, properly, motor coordination,  improve foot-eye coordination, correct footwork application,  better ball handling fundamentals. , and apply proper footwork to the games,   improve decisions and create the opportunities for the players making abilities.  There are no local Academy who has coaches focusing on players development as much as our Coaches do, even the top teams do not have coaches like ours. It is very hard to find the combination we have in Brazil Soccer Academy, a relentless focus   development and properly level training for all ages 3 and up

​​Our Mission

Our mission is to find willing players, get them involved with training routine, motivated by the passion for soccer and overcome the game each time they go to the field to play.

Nobody left behind!

Our History

Head Coach Luciano Alheiros Dasilva

With about 30 years experienced, part being a professional soccer player in Brazil in several teams from North East of Brazil, he started his career as a coach, he Luciano had founded the First FUTSAL Olindense League in Brazil, in Olinda City, PE, and 3 different weekly soccer training centers, in Pernambuco, Brazil until and also  founded BSA-USA in 2001. He has  been  working  over the last 20 years applying in South Florida,  his personal experience as professional soccer player and his rich coach background to promote youth and amateur soccer in South Florida, creating and supporting volunteer projects,   and his own soccer academy Coach in Non-Profit Organizations, or Social Institutions, creating or given the support to attend kids that did not have basic financial and help keep a lots of young people off the streets, and far from the drugs, by bringing them into  such program.

Since 2006,  he had started his own soccer program by Brazil Soccer Academy.

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