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The BSA Youth Soccer Academy is introductory training and Team Program for boys and girls ages 6- to 12, which emphasizes individual skills with a soccer ball, rather than team results and prepare players for the next level. All BSA Youth Soccer Academy Players participate in two training sessions per week with games every training session. It’s a long term program, the methodology includes teams small in size to play small-sided games (3×3, 5×5, 6×6, 7×7, 8×8), to during the training sessions, that’s how you can maximize each player’s development in every game in long term. Players 6-12 ages, training twice a week, in age groups pools to increase the variety of training activities at each grouped training session to maintain player’s interest in sports at this energetic age, in a quality training quality in a very organized and safe environment. All Youth Level players have the same opportunity to sign up to FDA Futsal Development Academy, as in additional to Youth Soccer Academy field training, to better foot skills, quick decisions, technical speed to play, All players in this developmental program are eligible to register in a Travel Team Program to play Recreational or Competitive levels, since all of them attend Brazil Soccer in house requirements. The BSA YOUTH SOCCER ACADEMY Girls training with boys in separated by age groups, depending on the numbers of present players in each training session. Considering that we always have new players admitted in all youth ages groups, or players moving up or between the groups of training sessions, we continue focus on physic motor learning. The YOUTH LEVEL ACADEMY GOAL is “put the players first”, in an environment where they play happy and free to express their movements through soccer, and development their skills naturally. We provide discipline focus in sports, what allow the players play with limits of responsibilities, and to respect the others, learn about the academy approach, and strictly follow the Youth training protocols and academy unit. The training and game environment promote the continued growth of ball skill and make to help the players play with the best of their abilities. The coaching sessions emphasize the continued skills development, basis on repetition. The kids starting to learn and play different format of games and applying rules of the games, they are challenge to both attack and defend without the regimentation of the 11×11, but , marking, passing, stealing the ball , use foot-working skills to conduct the ball with two feet, to reach the best result, they have to play free and learn about appropriate soccer movements: physical balance skills, motor coordination, forward, back-words, sideways movements, kids learn about field space and field limits, follow rules and commands. The Youth Level kids play small- side in different formats, 3×3 games or 8×8, or 9×9 depending on the age and US Soccer guidelines for games formats /ages to maximize their involvement in games, as an effective method for developing ball skill and game awareness because it increases opportunities for players to have contact with the ball and to both attack and defend without the tactical regimentation that can occur in 11v11 soccer. For the youth LEVELS 11 to 12 the players are challenge to learn about more advanced aspects of the game tactical and technical and learn about players positions, It is vital to practice and master the basics tactics and techniques in order that players can succeed at the next levels.


The BSA YOUTH TRAINING for 9 to 12 years old, boys and girls, it is an annual program, the registration is open all year round, This program is designated for all kids 9 to 12 years old. The soccer activities are conducted in a group setting, players train collectively grouped by ages, 9 to 12, they train twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays 6pm to 8pm at Tradewinds Park, 3600 West Sample Road, Coconut Creek, FL, and the training schedule could be changed during the months of May and June for different nearby location due to Tradewinds Parl fields maintenace.

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The JUNIOR TRAINING is part of an annual program, full-year operation, the registration is open all year round. The group training is conducted collectively by ages 13 to 17. It is fully open for players training and playing up to improve individual skills, The training session focuses on the basis of several aspects: offensive and defensive techniques, Conditional Motor Capacities, Coordination, Determination and Personality. (technical actions, physical and psychological skills, conditional motor capacities and individual determination are constantly evaluated and improved).

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The BSA JUNIOR ACADEMY It’s a long-term program, the methodology includes specific training purposes with teams small in size to play small-sided games (3×3, 5×5, 6×6, 7×7, 8×8, 11×11), this program is full of challenges, and the priority is to make the players understanding realistically the soccer matches and players individual and team performance, motivating and understanding all the soccer transitions, where players moving up and down in different ages levels, to evaluate player’s progress within the specific purposes regardless gender, age, skills, or abilities. Juniors players are constantly instigated to play the best of their abilities, and experiment different positions and get involved with team-work. Coaching sessions focus handling the ball, footwork, small group’s skills, to challenge players for competition, development maturity in games matches, learn about team’s support, takeovers and wall pass, tracking back, and team results. Playing in juniors levels the game results, become important as they give the players a competitive focus in the match. Coaches are encouraged to make the players play free flowing, with the coach-guided, not coach-directed, demands that all players on the field — regardless of their specified position — participate in defending and attacking. We encourage the players to be creative and take the field with pas


The BSA SENIOR TRAINING FOR 17 YEARS OLD AND UP boys and girls, it is an annual program, the registration is open all year round, This program is designated for all players who are ready to keep training in higher levels to accept amateur or professional challenges.


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