Brazil Soccer School is proud to offer to soccer players an opportunity to experience the life of a Professional academy youth player, and also offer a chance to train and play soccer at Portugal,  Club facilities, the same facilities used by the Professional players.  The Internship candidates should be eligible to participate in this program, all the eligible players will be in touch in  Portugal with the Club Coaches, and youth players and the internship players will be exposed to the daily life and training of a  Youth Main Team of this Club.

The methodology applied during the internship training program is the same as the biggest professional soccer Clubs in Portugal uses to train their athletes, to guarantee the sustainability of its professional squads. All players will be able to develop technical, tactical, physical and psychological skills,  and they will be evaluated and will receive a written evaluation. Player will have fields practices, Gym sessions, Injury prevention Sessions and much more, depending on how long time the candidate wants to stay, and individual goals.

Players will have an opportunity to experience safe,  entertaining in Portugal, its local culture, language, and food, and visit important historical and learn about local life.