This is a program designed for all players 12 years old and up, junior and, senior levels ,this is annual program , but also is a group setting program, registration is open all year round for all players who already start to play11x11 format games.. We are looking forward athletes who want to be a part of the athlete’s elite development program, to provide them the training and educational tools that they need to reach their highest potential required in TRYOUTS or competitive atmosphere. ELITE PROGRAM, it is an intensive program, with training Mondays to Fridays, from 6pm to 8pm, to train players who willing to reach high performance as an athlete and soccer player.

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The BSA Elite Program it is a combination of soccer field skills training + FDA – Futsal Developmental Academy , plus Athletic high Performance training . The high performance athlete training has been offering by Fast Twitch , our partnership in Athlete and team, They are committed to create a individual or group Customized Training , that combines data-drive resistance training with functional and plyometric movements tailored to prepare players for competition and support BSA Elite program to help players reach their specific goals, individual goals or Team Training purposes.. Fast Twitch will support us to building a successful players and team relies on the groundwork in the off-season and pre-season or just before a important competition or tryouts .As we mentioned, . Fast Twitch is our partner in building athletes, their programs are sport-specific, designed to establish a competitive atmosphere. All training from Fast Twitch have to be requested by parents , or players over 18, in recommendation from BSA Elite Program , because we strongly believe a player to improve as an athlete, must train like an athlete. All Athletes individual performance training has the supervision and follow up directly from Fast Twitch professionals , all training running in a special room with high-tech equipment. The general supervision always by Brazil Soccer Academy trained and experienced staff to endure we will get our objectives.